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About Cafe
Welcome to Masako Imai's Cafe.This is a personal website of screenplay writer Masako Imai. So far only this page and jump pages from here are enjoyed in English. To enjoy all the pages written in Japanese, please visit translation service website such as AMIKAI. When you ask for this site's translation, please enter
instead of I welcome you leaving messages in your languages at BBS. I can read and write English and a litte German and very little French. If you would like to contact me directly, please send me e-mail .
About Masako Imai
Born in Sakai-city, Osaka. Acquired good sense of humor in "home of comic entertainment". Having spent 2years with a family from India as next-door neighbor, brushed up body language and learned how to communicate with foreigners. At age 16, studied a year as a government scholarship exchange student in Simi Valley, California, majored in commercial arts and stage arts, and grew up not only mentally but also physically putting on toooooooo much weight. At university joined a cheerleader team and spent most of 4years dancing, singing and yelling. Besides that, earned money for living by winning prizes for essays, slogans, poems and so on. After graduating from university, was employed by a multi-national advertising agency as a copywriter promising "I can make words dance!". Started to write screenplay in 1998 by meeting Mr.Hajime Arai's "How to write screenplay" series in a magazine. Having received Mr.Arai's comment on the first short screenplay, was convinced "I am talented!", then began to write for contests. Didn't know the fact that "Mr.Arai wrote comments on every single piece of script sent to him and encouraged writers to be" till Mr.Arai passed away. Being moved by Mr.Arai's tender and generous mind, swore to write the screenplay to devote it to the never-met-former-teacher. Member of Japan Screenplay-weiters Association.
Applying for contests meant trying a key to open the new door.The key sometimes fit and sometimes not.

The first teleplay scenario "Moon Blooming Tree" survived second screening in a Japan TV's Gateway to Professional Contest.

The first screenplay "7th Month, 3rd Day, in 73rd Year of Showa-Era" won semi-Grand-Prix at Mt.Hakodate Ropeway Film Festival (from the next year Hakodate Harbor Illumination Film Festival) Scenario Contest.
Teleplay scenario "The Fish Yearning to be a Bird" survived as final candidate at Hashida Culture Foundatuion's Scenario Contest.

In January, first audio drama scenario "Audition" survived 3rd screening at Creative Radio Drama Scenario Contest.
In February, "Poetry of Snowman" won grand-prix at NHK Sapporo's Audio Drama Scenario Contest and made chance to debut.
In July, "Treasure Island" was broadcasted nationwide on NHK-FM-theater.
Also "Transparent man" survived as final candidate at NHK Sendai's Audio Drama Scenario Contest.
In December, "Pakodatejn(original story of "Hakodate/Pakodate") won semi-Grand-Prix again at Harbor Illumination Film Festival's Scenario Contest .
Also "Poetry of Snowman" was broadcasted nationwide on NHK-FM-theater.

In January, "Cinderella in School Uniform" survived as final candidate at Creative Radio Drama Scenario Contest.
In March, "Poetry of Snowman" was broadcasted again with interview.
In June "Poetry of Snowman" won grand-prix of radio programme category at the 26th HBF Prize, Japan's Emmy Award.
In October,the 1st story "Mystery of the Langerhans Island" and the 10th story "Rainbow across the Memory" for NHK-FM-Youth-Adventure's series "Mysterious Travel Agency" were broadcasted.

In January, Audio drama "Poetry of Snowman" was re-broadcasted. In November,teleplay drama "Introduction to Veterinary Doctor" was broadcasted nationwide on NHK-BS2.
Also film "Happy Tail" was invited to Harbor Illumination Film Festival.

In February "Introductin to Veterinary Doctor" was re-broadcasted on NHK Drama D-mode.
In February, film Hakodate/Pakodate was released on theater screen, and was invited to "Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival".
In August, teleplay musical "An Andersen in Midnight" was broadcasted on NHK as one of summer special programs.
In May, feature film The Wind Carpet was released on theater screen.

In June, feature film Jenifa was released on theater screen.
In November, short film DVD "Monthly published Natsuki Kato" was released.